Come to Rock.

We are family on a journey, bringing to life our purpose
in authentic, uncomplicated community.

Life. Uncomplicated.

If you’re here for the first time or new to this ‘style’ of doing church, think of it this way; we’re supposed to be a family, and on a journey.

As a family, we love and value, support and encourage each other. As sojourners, we strengthen the weak, help the fallen, look for the lost, and patiently progress with each other.

Each person has been created for a purpose. Together we discover what that is and together make each other better and more effective than what we could do on our own.

If you’re new, you’re invited and very welcome to join a bunch of people who actually believe that together we can make a difference in EVERY facet of life; business, family, politics, entertainment, media, finances, and of course – spiritually.

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